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Readmission Policy

A student who has been academically dismissed or who has withdrawn from the nursing program may apply for readmission. The readmission policy is as follows:

  1. A student who has been academically dismissed must sit out for one semester (summer included).
  2. A student is only eligible for readmission if the student is able to complete the program requirements within the required six years.
  3. A student’s application for readmission may be reviewed by the Admission Committee no more than two (2) times. If readmission is not granted after the second application, the student becomes ineligible for readmission.
  4. The students should review the technical standards and the ability to meet the technical standards with or without accommodations.
  5. A student may only be readmitted once (1) into Lakeview College of Nursing.
  6. A student repeating a clinical nursing course must repeat both the theory and clinical components of the course.
  7. A student readmitted into Lakeview College of Nursing is required to meet the readmission course progression requirements. Any LCN courses repeated due to a previous failure or withdrawal must be passed with a 77% or higher, except N311: Foundations of Professional Practice which must be passed with at least 85%  to remain in the program. A student cannot withdraw or fail any course in which he/she has been previously enrolled.
  8. A readmitted student can withdraw from one class that has not previously been taken. The remainder of the coursework must be passed with a 77% or higher with the except N311 Foundations of Professional Practice, which must be passed with at least an 85% and follow the guidelines included within the Student Academic Progression (SAP) policy.
  9. Must meet graduation requirements at the time of graduation.

Note: Military students who have had to withdraw from a course(s) due to military obligations are exempt from the Readmission Policy.

Readmission Criteria

In order to be considered for readmission, a student must meet the following readmission criteria:

  1. Minimum cumulative LCN GPA of a 2.00 on a 4.0 scale (students that did not progress past the first semester are excluded from this criteria).
  2. Must be able to meet  the standards as outlined in the Student Academic Progression Policy in order to maintain enrollment and graduate and meet all graduation eligibility.
  3. Documentation of remediation strategies to ensure success upon return.
  4. Must apply for readmission within two calendar years of leaving the College.

Steps for Readmission

A student seeking readmission who has been academically dismissed or withdrawn from the Nursing Program must submit the required documents to the Director of Enrollment.

The following items will be required when applying for readmission:

  1. A completed readmission application form.

  2. A letter addressed to the Admissions Committee requesting readmission with the following points:

    1. Description of the reason(s) for being dismissed or withdrawn from the program;

    2. Identify the personal behaviors and external factors that contributed to the dismissal or withdrawal;

    3. A reflection on the academic improvement plans that were received while in the program;

    4. Steps the student took during the period of absence to prepare themselves to return to the program. The student should describe participation in activities that would improve the probability of their success in the program, such as:

      • Working in a healthcare setting
      • Taking courses that could improve weak areas
      • Resolving personal crises that contributed to performance
      • Development of a detailed action plan
    5. A detailed plan for the implementation of changes that will promote success.

  3. Release of "I understand that this form and the information contained within it, once submitted to Lakeview College of Nursing, is considered confidential, and I waive my right to review it" form.

  4. Payment of a $100 non-refundable readmission fee. This fee is subject to change.

  5. Successful completion of progressive re-admittance testing. The required re-admittance tests include the following:

    1. Dosage calculation exam
    2. Concept map-care plan competency
    3. Skill competency check-off
    4. Completion of a comprehensive examination
  6. Attendance at a formal interview.

The student will be emailed the date to meet with the Admission Committee. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the College has the correct contact information.  

Readmission into the College will be dependent upon the availability of clinical space. If the number of applicants exceeds available space, applicants may be deferred to a subsequent semester. Readmission to the College is not guaranteed. The decision of the Readmission Committee cannot be appealed.

Approval of a readmitted student is considered an appeal approval for Federal/State student aid in regards to the student's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status.

Readmitted students will be required to update their criminal background check and drug screen by the due date for health records. If readmitted, requirements will be provided at the time of the committee's decision.

Students that require access to their student records (Academic Improvement Plans) to assist in the readmission process should contact the Registrar.

Transfer Credit from Lakeview College of Nursing

Transfer of credit from Lakeview College of Nursing to other institutions is dependent upon policies and procedures of the receiving institution. Lakeview College of Nursing cannot guarantee acceptance of transfer credit or equivalency of transferred credit in other institutions.