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Withdrawal from the College

Withdraw due to Military Obligations

A student withdrawing from the program due to military obligations must complete a Withdrawal Form and attach an official copy of the military orders. The form and orders must be submitted to the Dean of Nursing.

Late Withdrawal

In the case of extreme circumstances where the deadline to withdraw without academic penalty has passed, a student may petition the Dean of Nursing for a late withdrawal from all courses. If granted, the student would receive a grade of “W” for any course not completed in the semester.

Withdrawal from the College

A student may withdraw for academic reasons or serious personal problems. To withdraw from the College, the student must complete a Withdrawal from the College Form obtained from the Registrar's Office. If a student withdraws from the College by the official withdrawal date, a "W" will be posted on the student transcript (see SAP). A student may not withdraw from the College or any courses after the official withdrawal date. Students who have processed financial aid must contact the Financial Aid Office before officially withdrawing from the College. A return of Title IV funds calculation may be required – refer to Financial Aid Implications (Return of Title IV Funds). All obligations to the College must be cleared at the time of withdrawal.

A student who withdraws from the College and wishes to return at a later time must go through the readmission process. If readmitted, the student will be accountable for the policies of the current handbook.