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The College Catalog/Student Handbook contains general information, policies and procedures of the College. All students have access to the the College Catalog/Student Handbook through this website. Each student is responsible and accountable for becoming familiar with and adhering to the policies stated and the procedures described in the College Catalog/Student Handbook. Suggested changes in the LCN College Catalog/Student Handbook may be submitted on a policy recommendation form. As in the case of any policy, LCN reserves the right to change these guidelines or to make appropriate revisions, amendments or corrections. Students, faculty and staff will be notified of any substantial changes. Consumer information is updated annually and provided to students and staff through this catalog/handbook and/or is posted on the College's website. The College Catalog/Student Handbook does not represent a contract between the student and the College.

Catalog / Handbook by academic year:

2023-2024: HTML, PDF

2022-2023: HTML, PDF

2021-2022: HTML, PDF

2020-2021: HTML, PDF

2019–2020: HTMLPDF

2018–2019: HTMLPDF