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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to better serve you, we would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions regarding admission into Lakeview College of Nursing.

Do you have a wait list?

We typically do not carry a wait list. Our slots available usually come close to equaling the number of qualified applicants. Please be advised that we generally receive a lot more applications for fall admission than we do for spring admission.  However, the number and quality of applicants is ever-changing and difficult to predict for future semesters.

Do I have a better chance of becoming admitted at one campus over the other?

This is difficult to predict as the demand for a particular location tends to vary each admission cycle.  In order to optimize your ability to become admitted, candidates for both of our locations are evaluated at the same time.  Therefore, if you are the next one in line for admission and there are no longer seats available at your preferred location you will still be offered admission at the other location.   

I’d like to take the Chemistry and Statistics at Lakeview. Can I take these courses concurrent with the nursing coursework?

Students need to take the Chemistry and the Statistics prior to beginning the nursing coursework. You may be enrolled in coursework while making application for admission, but all preliminary coursework should be complete prior to beginning any nursing coursework. Students will not be admitted for the upcoming semester unless they have a plan for completing all preliminary coursework prior to the nursing coursework.  There is an option for completing Chemistry and Statistics at Lakeview College of Nursing by taking the courses as a Non-Degree Seeking Student. The credit you receive will be counted toward your BSN degree at Lakeview. However, there are financial aid limitations with this option as you must be a degree-seeking student in order to benefit from federal and state grants and student loans.

Is your program accredited?

Yes. Lakeview College of Nursing is approved by the State and holds both regional and national accreditations. For more information on our accreditations, please visit the Accreditations section of this website or contact us if you’d like to request that the information is mailed to you.

Do you accept international students?

All applicants must have established legal residency within the United States.  Lakeview College of Nursing does not issue I-20s for student visas and therefore requires each student to be either a U.S. Citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident.  Documentation will be required at the time of application.  A naturalization certificate or a green card may be used as documentation for those born outside the United States.

How does Lakeview deal with international transcripts?

Anyone who has attended a college or university outside the U.S. must have transcript(s) and credentials translated into English with letter grades and course descriptions and have it evaluated by a recognized agency specializing in such at their own expense.