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Our Logo

Lakeview College of Nursing's logo is an evolution of three symbolic components. The cross, flame and dove. Together they help translate our values: Adaptability, Caring, Excellence, Integrity, and Service.

Our Cross aligns with that of the Red Cross*, which represents neutrality in caring for the sick and wounded and adaptability in rendering humanitarian services.

The Flame honors Florence Nightingale's passion for excellence in the healthcare field and that we may model ourselves after her efforts.

The Dove reminds us of the integrity in having hope and bringing peace to those that need caring, comforting, and healing.

* In August 1864, the Treaty of Geneva was created to ensure the neutrality of all soldiers wounded in battle and guarantee them medical treatment. The red cross on a white background became the emblem of neutrality in war. Jean Henri Dunanat, Swiss founder of the Red Cross, credited Nightingale's work in the Crimean War as his inspiration.

Please email marketing@lakeviewcol.edu for approval and assistance in using the Lakeview logo.