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Student Complaint Policy

  1. Overview. Lakeview College of Nursing emphasizes the importance of direct, courteous, and respectful communication to informally resolve student concerns and complaints from situations where a student feels unfairly mistreated.
  2. Application.
    1. This policy applies to complaints and concerns in the following areas:
      1. Admission and transfer credit
      2. Academic Progress and Program Requirements
      3. Privacy Information
      4. Tuition and Fees
      5. Financial Aid
      6. Library and/or Technology
      7. Other Academic Policies
      8. Courses and Course Syllabi
    2. This Complaint policy does not apply to complaints and concerns the following areas, which the Grievance Policy covers found in the Student Handbook:
      1. Complaints and/or appeals based upon disciplinary proceedings
      2. Discrimination complaints
      3. Harassment complaints
      4. Complaints regarding academic dismissal
    3. This complaint policy does not apply to grade changes.  See Grade Appeal Policy.
  3. Procedures. Students who have concerns or complaints regarding college practices or policies shall take the following steps for resolution, in the following order:
    1. Step 1 - Informal Resolution for Complaints.  Within three (3) calendar days after the concern arises, the complaining student must first attempt to resolve their concerns informally with the LCN student, staff, and/or faculty member who is the subject of the complaint. The purpose of addressing concerns directly and informally with the individual(s) involved is to achieve resolution by clarifying the perceived problem and requesting specific action. Suppose the complaining student has already talked to the appropriate faculty or staff member without resolution or is apprehensive about talking to the person involved. In that case, the student may contact studentsfirst@lcn.edu and/or an academic advisor for assistance and support with this step.
      Before proceeding to a formal complaint, the complaining student must demonstrate that they have made a reasonable effort to resolve with the appropriate individual:
      1. In the case of non-academic complaints, including all complaints that do not involve grades, coursework, and course content, the complaining student shall contact the individual listed in the applicable department’s section of the Student Handbook.
      2. In the case of academic complaints, which include all complaints involving grades, coursework, and course content, the complaining student shall contact the instructor or course coordinator at issue.
      3. In the case of any complaint involving another student which does not fall under the Grievance Policy, the complaining student must discuss and attempt to resolve the matter with the other student.
    2. Step 2 - Formal Complaints.  Following a failed attempt to informally resolve a complaint, the complaining student may file a formal complaint by completing an online Complaint Form, with the following guidelines:
      Formal complaints are defined as any signed, written claim brought by a student alleging discriminatory, improper, or arbitrary treatment.
      1. The formal complaint form must be filed within ten (10) calendar days of the incident. 
      2. The following information must be included in the Complaint Form to be considered and investigated as a formal complaint:
        1. The name and email of the individual making the complaint.  Anonymous complaints will not be accepted, considered, or investigated.
        2. The names of all individuals involved in the complaint, including but not limited to students, instructors, and staff.
        3. A complete description of the incident/situation, including dates, times, locations, other individuals present.
        4. A complete description of the actions the complaining student has taken to informally resolve the complaint pursuant to Section III(A), above.
        5. All applicable supporting documentation must be attached.
        6. The complaining student’s proposed or desired resolution.
      3. The Complaint Form can be submitted online.  The form itself can be found on the LCN website under Students and then under forms.
      4. The complaining student may withdraw a complaint at any time.  Please note that once a complaint is submitted, the college is not required to discontinue an investigation based upon a student’s decision to withdraw their complaint and may continue to investigate as needed based on the nature of the complaint/incident.
      5. Once a formal complaint is received, the College President, Dean, or designee will investigate the formal complaint by:
        1. Reviewing the student’s written complaint.
        2. Gathering information.
        3. Interviewing the involved parties and/or possible witnesses.
        4. Reviewing relevant documentation and policies and procedures.
        5. Assessing all information gathered.
        6. Determining findings and resolution.
        7. The President or Dean may assign an investigator.
      6. All persons involved, including but not limited to the accused or complained of the party, will be informed of the complaint/allegation, and will have the opportunity to respond or explain.
      7. The President of LCN will make decisions regarding nonacademic complaints within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving the Complaint Form unless a particular incident causes the investigation to be shorter or longer.
      8. The Dean will make decisions regarding academic complaints of the LCN nursing program within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving the Complaint Form unless a particular incident causes the investigation to be shorter or longer.
      9. Decisions made by the President and Dean are final. The individuals making the complaint and the others involved will be notified by email of the decisions made by the President and/or Dean.
      10. Students will not be subject to adverse action as a result of filing a complaint.  Retaliation against any student due to formal or informal attempts to resolve any complaint or concern is prohibited.
      11. Students not satisfied with the final disposition of the complaint process may contact the state’s licensing authority or the College’s accrediting agencies. A listing of contact information is located on the College website under About Us/Accreditation.  A student who has attempted to file a complaint at the institutional level and was not successful may contact IBHE. IBHE online complaint system at http://complaints.ibhe.org/, accessible through the agency’s homepage (www.ibhe.org).

Student complaint flowchart