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Elijah Lamb

2022 Applicant

Transfer Merit Scholarship Recipient

Elijah Lamb
Elijah Lamb

Lakeview College of Nursing (LCN) awarded a transfer merit scholarship valued at $20,000 to Elijah Lamb of Greenup, IL.

He was chosen among the many qualified applicants based on his outstanding academic record, according to Amy McFadden, LCN Scholarship Committee Chair.

Lamb is the son of Neal and Crystal Lamb of Greenup, IL. He is a 2020 graduate of Cumberland High School in Toledo, IL.

He has attended Lake Land College in Mattoon, IL, to complete the necessary preliminary coursework to transfer to LCN in the fall of 2022.  He will be pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing degree from LCN.

Lamb was appreciative of the scholarship award. "I am just extremely relieved to have received this scholarship. Anyone who has attended or is considering attending college knows that education comes with a cost, and this scholarship eliminates a lot of that burden. In doing so, it allows me to place a stronger focus on my studies and better succeed at reaching my goals," he said.

He began considering nursing as a career option during his freshman year of high school. He knew he cared about people and became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). This confirmed his desire to take nursing to the next level. "I know that I have the capability to learn the science of the field, and I would like to utilize that knowledge to perform better and more advanced patient care," explained Lamb.

In the future, Lamb hopes to start working directly with patients for some time before returning to school to earn his master's or doctorate in nursing. "I've noticed there's an increased push for nurses to earn their DNP (doctorate nurse practitioner) before moving into an APRN (advanced practice registered nurse) role, so I would eventually want to put in that level of work towards a doctorate and then consider becoming either a nurse practitioner or a nurse educator (or maybe even both)," stated Lamb.

McFadden said the College's scholarship committee seeks to reward and encourage high-achieving transfer students.  She is grateful the College's board of directors is committed to providing financial assistance to its students.

"The funding for this scholarship, as well as the funding for our transfer financial need-based scholarship, was made available through a very wise long-term investment strategy spearheaded by former CEO Dick Shockey and current College President Sheila Mingee," added McFadden.

The scholarship award will assist Lamb with the cost of tuition, books, and necessary supplies for Lakeview's bachelor of science in nursing degree program.

More information about scholarship opportunities at Lakeview can be found at https://lakeviewcol.edu/scholarships.

Lakeview College of Nursing offers a bachelor of science in nursing degree. It is a single-purpose, private institution specializing in nursing education in the Danville, IL area since 1894. Lakeview began offering the program in Charleston, IL, in the fall of 2001.